Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Hmm…this is tough, which application would I like best?

Well, I’m planning on giving the iPhone 4 to my boyfriend …which means …*grins*
That I could play with it too! Yeap~ he gives me the liberty to play around with his phone (it’s not like I check his sms-es or anything =,=)

Then again, why choose an application that you like? Why not more? Isn’t there what the iPhone is all about? Multiple applications! =D

Sounds just like a woman, doing many things at once =p

I’ve not own an iPhone, so the closest I’ve been to it is having a friend who owns one, or on the website..

And I must say that I like the Apps for student~! It sounds awesome-rific [no, this word dun exist, I’m trying to be innovative =p]

Wanna know what’s in for the Apps for student? Check this out!

It’s from an application call National Geographic World Atlas, how cool is that? If you guys know me well enough, I’m a HUGE fan of travelling; this application can provide me countless hours of entertainment as well as knowledge as it comes with high-resolution images! *woots* tell me that’s not cool…
I mean, u can virtually explore the globe during your free time, won’t it be fun to know which part of the world your international friends/colleague come from specifically?

Well, that would be my fav…as for my boyfriend’s (well, since the iphone WILL be for him, if I win)

I guess he’ll like the Apps for fun and games~!

I saw him playing with the Plants vs. Zombie the other day, and I must say that it looks ultra cute for a zombie *faints*

It’s like a strategy kinda game, as each plant do different things and they serve as weapons, so u kinda have to use these plants to fend off the zombies~ it’s really cute!

Then again he prolly like the Apps for working out, coz some of the applications involve planning for a workout session or having a “instructor”. I think “men’s health workouts” is cool~

According to the website it’s the “next best thing to having a personal trainer” *winks*

Ooooo..kay~ now I feel abit intimidated with the screenshots~
LOL! So anyway, find out what applications are available in the iPhone right here!


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