Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Why would I want to win an iPhone 4 from Digi u ask…

Then again, it’s free; do we need a reason to want to WIN things? Or get free things?
Many might not have a reason other than wanting to experience the thrill of great things without paying for the price, but for me…I have ONE reason.

Let me ask you this…Have you experience:

Calling your “important ones”, and there is no answer?
Sms-ing “the one”, and there is no reply?

And then you become worry sick, worry that something has happen, or if some emergency event came up…and you are also left to wonder if s/he has left to break off the relationship without even bother to say “goodbye” (this is in case of couple relationship)

I am sure there is definitely at least once in your lifetime that you have experience the anxiety of your important person not being able to “communicate” with you.

Yeap~ I’ve recently experience this.

Darling’s phone has been going “on and off” for some time now, on and off meaning, it works at time and others – it just “kong” out …. *sweat! *
He even missed his class because the phone din ring (as in the alarmed din work), coz the sound is “out” wth ite? And I gave him 101 (a lil exaggerated, but u get what I mean) miss calls to try to get him…he said that there was no sound, no vibration so he din know that there was calls.

Could you imagine how worry I was, thinking that something might have happened, and he din manage to get me =(

So my reason of wanting a iPhone is…so that I can give to my darling as his present ^^

What is better to share something great with your love ones?

Why not for myself?
Because he has bought me a spanking new phone on my birthday and it is less than a year old =)

So yeap, I wanna try my luck in winning an iPhone 4 for my darling~ since there is no way I could afford 1 with my own $ *sadness*

It’ll be nice if I could give it to him as our anniversary present 20.10.2010 =D nice date ite? :p

So yeah, why would I want to win an iPhone 4 from Digi?

It’s so I could give to my boyfriend [so that he can stop missing classes] and oh well~ the phone suits him anyway, he leaves his phone everywhere, the nice thick screen that doesn’t leave scratch it’s good…plus he likes games, so he would prolly like the “driving” game ;-) not to mention quality talking time with the awesome mike *woots* as if using digi is not good enough, he can also hear my voice crystal clear~! (he’s a lil deaf at times =,=)

Me + iPhone 4 from Digi = Happy Boffie~
:D ~


Mohd Shukri Fadzillah said...

hahahaha love the last picture hahaha

Jaslyn Miki said...

hey~ thanks! =D
the picture is kinda given by well the organizer of the competition..the caption,'s mine! :D

Thanks for dropping by =)