Friday, August 13, 2010

Special weekend; Special Time

  • Had a wonderful weekend (forgetting coming semester as well as results and scholarship) - spending it with my siblings and cousins~
  • Had a wonderful "catching-up" time with the girls~
  • Had fun dipping into the cold pool when the sun is up high ( i think i have gotten 2 shades darker - thanks peeps! enjoyed it nevertheless)
  • Had nice singing session in RedBox~ 3 freaking hours ok...
  • Nice BREAKFAST with u peeps~ I think i can have breakfast like that every single day!!!
  • All in's juz nice spending time with all of you~

...Wonder when will be the next hand out session *sadness*... are some of the things that we were up to~

On Saturday morning..the 3 girls.... + the MOMs went to the saloon in TTDI~
We all had something we wanna do with our hairs...mostly treatment...and ofcourse the younger 1s gets pedi and medi courtesy of my dear sista~ Dodo!!!! =D

here are our nails~

Later the same night, we had Durian Session and "birthday for everyone" session =)

Our next day, we left early and headed towards THE CURVE...walked abit, had abit of starbucks, shopped...and 3 whole hours of...

After that we headed over to One World hotel =) to check in, we fool around in the room for a bit...and headed to OU for dinner~ and dessert! We also bought "drinks" back to the hotel~ the girls and the boys had separate roooms! cool ite~

The next morning, we had yummy buffet breakfast...wish i could have 1 every morn =D [im greedy, i know - but hey, i'm only human] ...after that,we went up to the room to rest for abit b4 we head for the pool ~ the rest of the day is kinda fuzzy to me...STML ...Don't blame me!!!!


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