Saturday, August 28, 2010


and i think i'm losing some of 'em =,=ll

Uni has juz started for 2 weeks, and there is 2 assignments due real the coming week kinda soon... *faints*

Anyway, we've been learning loads in Brain and's not really my thing..coz it's really all FACTS - - - - > which means? NO BULLSHIT! *cries*

and i'm beginning to believe that it is affecting my senses like seriously! and i have evidence...

You see..last Friday in Uni...i realized that i lost my

and i frantically tried to search for it, i emptied out my pencil box [coz originally, my pendrive stays there], as well as my bag! and it was no where to be found. And then i recalled, that i had put the said pendrive in my jeans pocket the day before. So i called

my brother [who was at home, ofcourse!]
and told him to go check my jeans in the room for the pendrive ...and the convo went...

Bro: don't have lar, ur jeans not here in the room also
Me: EH?! then can u pls juz check the table to see if there is any pendrive at all....
Bro: Don't have.
Me: can u pls go ask kakak to see if she has wash my jeans? and if she did, check to see if my pendrive survived!
Bro: ok ok
Me: call me back ok?!

and so i waited, while i double..heck! i think triple check everything..den my brother called back

Bro: Kakak say she din wash any jeans...
Me: eh?! how come.?! den where my jeans go?

Bro: what are u wearing?
Me: *looks dwn* EH?! I'm wearing my jeans!!! [OMG} sorry sorry!
*digs into pocket* found my pendrive!!! *kisses pendrive*

See! tell me i'm not losing my senses =,=
I dunno how i missed myself wearing jeans, or even forgot wearing em...

Charis: OMG, what did u think u were wearing?
Me: Shorts?

It is either the image of myself wearing my jeans not being able to be process by the
Rod receptors in the retina...


My senses on the skin has really died...

or maybe my brain just didn't register it?

so yeap..this is the story of my my ROMP jeans

and how i'm blogging about it nw...

sighs~ see how brain and behaviour has affected me? *sighs*

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