Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Semester; New beginning

Yeap~ Just started the beginning of Year 2 yesterday, and boy am i going crazy...
I have 4 subjects this semester

  1. Brain and Behaviour
  2. Education Psychology
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Personality Psychology

Guess what? second day in class and my assignments a mountain

First day of lecture - 1st lecture I'm ....

first day of lecture - 2nd lecture I'm

and I'm thinking sooner or later I'll be working like...

and the entire time when i was in the lecture....this is goin on in my head....

Well Brain and Behaviour is kinda self-'s about how the different part of the brain has different function, and how medication could help/not order words...effect of medication on brain..and how does that affect behaviour...

In Educational Psychology...well, how u teach?

as for Personality? well, i have yet to attend lectures's 2moro...

Communication Skils class is fun today, even with heavy assignments, it doesn't feel as stressful... The lecturer is really fun, and well, in my opinion her presentation skills is not too bad...den again, that mite be the reason she's teaching communication skills ite?

Oh oh~ I'm gonna be learning how to bake from Charis. Don't get me wrong people! it's not like i have the free's part of assignment yo! It's one of our Education Psychology assignment, and I'll be teaching Aliza hiragana and simple japanese ...we have to write a report on it, as well as assess our 'student' =,=

Other than that we also have to build a brain model for brain and head is practically THUMPING as i type this..wanna know why?! coz i dunno how to do!

I better head of and do more research now~
seeya peeps~

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-Pinkie ChiRa- said...

OMG HILARIOUS. LOVE THIS POST. DAMN FUNNY. (but won't be funny as the days go by and due dates getting closer)