Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Holiday? Not!

Yes, that is the definition that i get it from "print screen"-ing it from on Holiday...
and the state that I am? Is no where near that freaking definition provided ...yeap! and I'm suppose to be having MY holidays. And i think that is so wrong, wanna know why?

Because of the definition above, parents, relative, friends, family, uncle, aunty, grandpa, grandma, dogs, cats, and any living thing u could name would perceive you to be free i don't mean that ur on free i meant, that ur sitting around doing absolutely nothing..and THIS is the time...favors start coming, no?

Then again, I'm not talking about any1 in particular, this is just what i've observed from around me, but if ur exceptional - such as being able to enjoy a relaxing vacation..den congratulations, and I'm happy for least some people are enjoying ite?

So yeap, from this day onwards, if any1 were to ask

"Hey, are you on holidays now?"

My answer would be? U've guessed rite....

"No...N-O" ^^

Owh~ incase you guys can't read from the sucky print screen...I've taken the liberty to copy paste the definition...credits go to of the definition belongs to me =)

holi·day (häl′ə dā′)

1. holy day
2. a day of freedom from labor; day set aside for leisure and recreation
3. Chiefly Brit. a period of leisure or recreation; vacation
4. a day set aside by law or custom for the suspension of business, usually in commemoration of some event

Origin: < ME holidei, with shortened first vowel < OE hāligdæg: see holy & day

of or suited to a holiday; joyous; merry: the holiday spirit

intransitive verb
Chiefly Brit. to take a vacation or vacation trip


dodo said...

i am glad i didn't see sister there :)

Jaslyn Miki said...

Lol~ juz u wait..i mite add :p