Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge; The Wallflower; Perfect Girl Evolution

Sighs~ the title above is a Manga i once high school? I didn't complete reading it as the manga was licensed half way in scanlating...sad ite? and I, as a broke student (Psst: so come more often ok,raise my hits so i can get more $$) din have the money to buy ori MANGA *wails*

Since then, the copy of this manga (which ever vol that i hv) has been kept nicely in a corner of my hard disk :D Until recently, Yuki came over and then she recommended tht i watch "yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge" and wala~! it's out again :p

The website that Yuki gave me to stream the movie sucks - all thanks to my crappy i had to load part by part in youtube....even then, i missed out some! But being as imaginative as i could be, you should know that it didn't stop me from loading the episodes that are available *grins proudly* i have to hunt for the anime version...if you guys kw where to watch it..let me kw *winks*

Below is the last part (of the last epi, ofcoz), and i super ♥ it!!!
Kyohei is so cute and annoying at the same time ...LOL i know i don't make sense! But it's true...go watch the drama~ it's only 10 episodes *turns into the devil and tries to convince everyone reading to watch*

P/s: if u watch this before the movie, it'll work as some sort of spoiler :p coz it's the last epi!!!!

The long title of the post is because....well....the english version is called "perfect girl evolution", but it is also know as "the wallflower" so..yeap~

You guys can read the synopsis here as i suck in giving summaries... ^^

So yeap..go watch it NOW!

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