Monday, July 19, 2010

What Stress do to Us?

By "US" i meant the 3 blind mice aka 3 Musketeer aka 3 monkeys Or better knows as the SampatBaizhe Team~ Yeap...that's Us.

So u wanna know what stress do to us?
You see, the 3 of us have been studying together for finals, and obviously it's a stressful time ...when we were there to sumwhat support and help one another. Really appreciate their company and help...coz I'm stupid...

So ...let's see....
When Charis is stress.. she becomes whiny... and bossy, and moody, and ready to kill mood...above all? She stones!

As for Aliza, she becomes CRAZY! trust me...she hears one of U-Kiss song lyric as..."chicken pie" ..and this is Aliza's crazy mode..O-N

As for me~ Oh well, I have my crazy moments too...and the depressing ones...and the emo ones...and the frustrated ones...and the "give my bf hell" ones... yeap~ alot of all these mix together...most of all~

E-A-T and C-O-F-F-E-E~

Yes~ I look absolutely horrible during the time i was studying (still do)..sighs! there is something very wrong with my face..for some reason, my face is like pealing .. and no..i don't drink McD coffee everyday...i drink wtv that is available~

Yeap~ so there u go..things we do when we r stress ^^"

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