Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lynn-sama ish beck...BACK i mean =p

Yeap, feels like just yesterday when i write this post for lynn's farewell..and now...
SHE ISH BACK! *throws confetti*

Yeap~ and together with her souvenirs!!! So happy to receive presents, who doesn't?


Nope...look again *winks*
These are lip balms! and wicked..smell just like real chocolates!!! *grr, wanna eat em!*

And Looky..their flavours~ *sad sad*

Yuki and I initially thought there were real chocolates until Lynn-sama said,
"Don't eat em, okies?"
and we thought that she was just being notty and not want us to eat the chocolate, so we were like...
"why not?"
and she went....
"no, really, u can't eat em."

and then we see what she meant lol....

Good enough to be eaten ite?

and then a stupid question came (by urs truly ofcoz:p)
"how to apply ar?"
they told me that I could use my finger..but then..knowing me, my hands can't stay still! I'll touch everything that is in sight...imagine putting the lip gloss with my finger afta those "touchy moments" ...

Ewwww~ ite?!

So yeap, den they say lip brush...Hmm...something that looks like this

then again this one looks princessy....

Oooo~ but this one looks girly and cute....can't decide...*thinks thinks thinks*

But out of all, this is the best!

or maybe this 1~

and then i have this would be nice if i have a full table of Hello Kitty cosmetics!!! Greedy much?

Looky what i've found!
A mountain of Hello Kitty cosmetic!!!

and this!

and not forgetting the "housing" for all these wonderful Hello Kitty products!

Had No idea how this "welcome back" post turn out to be a rant of how i might want to have my dressing table filled with Hello Kitty *sweats*

Might be late to say this...
"welcome back Lynn!"

but hey~ better late than never ite? *winks*~ ♥

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