Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glass Screen Messenger

Most people nowadays tend to communicate via other words "messengers" (virtual ones *winks*) ...Have you guys thought of what will happen when these "messengers" cease to exist?

My cousin brother and I invented the 'Glass Screen Messenger' where no internet connection is needed *winks* LOL~

Can't see?
wait...i ZOOM in for you guys ;-) im juz nice that way :p

This is the overall chat window~

And here is Khai's Profile Pic :p

this is mine :p

There are some other activities which were goin on too...guess what?

Messenger games~ and also Media Player ;-)
We also have our manual blog visits :p

Why we came up with this?

Mainly because network in my aunt's office was down =,=
Yeap~ and we got bored....
and there is a BIG board in the meeting why not? :p

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