Friday, July 16, 2010

Everybody ♥s Free Stuff ite?

Am i not right?

Most of the time, people go

"Ooooo~ this is worth it"

when they see a


But that reaction is only applicable for buying things ite? Not when marrying :p

Yeaparoo~ guess how this topic came about....

"samzhe" & "baizhe" was at my place yesterday, we juz wanna hang out before "baizhe" goes to UK, and we kinda won't be seeing her until semester yeap....
Then we talked about wedding plans, yes! us to be random~

So then we talked about how the husbands don't juz get the gal, he gets the whole family as well (this scenario is for the US who were talking, not general population =p) yeap....and this is "baizhe's" comment

Yeap~ "Beli satu, FREE fifty"

Now~ That's one promotion i don't think anyone looks forward too~

I thought I was bad,....until i heard that =,=


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