Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burnt Food …what?!

Out of curiosity, what do you do with burnt food?

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

You know…when you toast your bread and it turns out like this?

Opps~ wrong 1…I meant like this….

E…hehehe~ wrong 1 again wait wait *runs to burn a toast and runs back*


Aha! See! Like this~ obviously you won’t eat it right? I mean who in their right minds would?
It causes CANCER for Pete’s sake =p

How about this one?

*psst~ none of the pictures above belongs to me, if anyone wishes to be credited…kindly drop me a line ;-)

But you know what? We might treat it as though is nothing valuable. Heck! We think its crap. But guess what?
There is a Burnt Food Museum~

Yeap~ you have read the title right, this is no joke yo~ there is a museum for burnt food! As in B-U-R-N-T.

Guess what’s the Museum’s motto =p

“To Cook the Museum Way -- always leave the flame on low . . . and then take a long nap."

LOL~ that’s the way….not! Please don’t be dangerous and do that ok, people? You might wake up to your kitchen burning down, Worst….your house like charcoal~

Wanna know more about the Museum? *clickies* and check out some of the exhibits while you are at it =)

Cool ite? This world is seriously full of funny and interesting people huh~

Check it out~ you can’t even make out what are some of the exhibits, no joke. =,=
Next time I burn anything (food I meant) by accident, I’m sure to keep them in mind *winks*

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