Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Water Moments

If you all know me when enough, you should know that my memory capacity is not superb. Most of the time my best/good friends will label me as having STML~ in that case, it means that I have a short term memory span in the size which is like a peanut...yeap..that's me.

And that explains why i like taking loads of pictures... it's like a scene in my life freeze in time, and it'll last for as long as i choose not to delete em' cool isn't it? Another reason why i like looking at photos, and taking photos (mind you, i meant me being the photographer, not me being the model/subject of being captured) it's mainly because...well, it's another form of art, no? Feelings and thoughts could be portrait in a single frame, and last for centuries (even millenniums if taken care for)..I think that's something amazing.

Now to the topic~
I've always liked the water, be it the ocean or water i meant water by nature...not getting water splash on my face from a glass...Yeap, with that..I also love the dolphins and whales.... being the person i am, I also like/love pretty things such as a rainbow....

it'll be nice to be able to capture pictures like this

picture credit to Cachoeira da Fumaça

Credits: Praise Photgraphy!

Well...closest i have been to the water(s)?

during the holidays in Hong Kong some time back...dolphins~


Obviously, this is neither a whale nor a dolphin, this is my brother~

Judging from the picture, you should know how far i stand... if i were to be anywhere closer?

and yes~ that would be my mind yelling until the whole world knows my name. Reason being... I'm a klutz / clumsy monkey, there won't be a day that i won't drop something ...or trip..on FLAT GROUND...yes, u've read right...FLAT ground

Sometimes i wonder where I get this talent =,= *sarcasm*

Look at what happened recently!!! I was only trying to snap the Majestic house, so that it'll be my motivation to work towards such "goals" and see what happened!

If i had the Sony TX5 with me? I would without doubt wind down the window and snap to my hearts contents~ :D yesh...that would be sooooooooooooo good~

What is this Sony TX5 I'm talking about?

It's this awesome camera by SONY of course~

so WHY the Sony TX5?

because it's "water-proof", can capture under water pictures as deep as 3m and can last up to 60 minutes...tell me it's not cool~

what more?
Effortless Panoramic Photos
so that i won't have awkward moments like this
[seriously, this is taken by me, but digitally fixed, so...sighs]

It can also capture twilight nothing like this will actually happen =,=

It can also take up to 10 photos in a second..that'll be great...

den i'll be able to bring the camera for whale watching, and catch the moment they emerge from the water~
best part~ i can snap pictures while my boyfriend is on the move with basketball~ *woots*
*fan girl mode is on*

What else is so great about Sony TX5?

It's temperature, dust, and shock proof
~ which is ultra cool for a clumsy person like me, did i mention that my hand shakes alot when taking pictures at times?

Other specs includes:

Approximately 10.2 mp effective pixels
4x optical zoom
4.43 - 17.7mm (25 - 100mm) focal length
3.0" LCD screen (mind u, it's touch screen)
Battery life of 250 shots / 125mins

Scene selections include :
  • Twilight
  • Twilight Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Soft Snap
  • Snow
  • Beach,
  • Fireworks
  • High Sensitivity
  • Hi-Speed Shutter
  • Underwater
  • Gourmet
  • Pet

Oh yeah~ Gourmet and Pet!!! Woots~ more food pics~ and my pretty lil dogs (and occasional cats)..not forgetting UNDERWATER~!
looking forward to romantic shots like this 1

picture credit to this page

Obviously I'm talking about real life, no matter how u look at me, i don't look like a character that hops out from some anime =(


and this model comes in

and that is all i wanna say about SONY TX 5 and what a great camera it would be for me =)
and hopefully i can win myself one~

but if any1 out there is interested you can find our more from Here (sony's site)
and i think it cost around RM1,499...
yeap *crosses fingers and toes* hopefully, i can get one =)

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