Saturday, June 05, 2010

IKEA + baby + friends = great time!

Funny how all of us manage to meet friends coincidentally at places we least expect...

Was out with baby that day as he promised to bring me to IKEA for daim~ yeap! we were there, and we bump into Farrah and her other half :D

Owh, and guess what! there is not something new in IKEA's's another version of Dark Choc!
trust me! go try it~ it's awesomelicious~ :p

So neways, we had great food, and had loads of fun talking! We as in Farrah + BF, Aliza + Charis and Baby + me!!!

after that we split up to do some shopping of our own, baby and I visited ACE...he wanted to 'shop' there for nothing in particular =,= after that, we went to visit that pet place in IKANO ( i'm sorry, me forgot the shop's name) and i was in another HEAVEN!
the cats were so cute~ and cuddly looking not to mention...and gawd! chow chow dogs!!!
Have u guys seen them? there are the most cuddly teddy bear look-a-like dog!!!

and bie and saw something real disgusting!
the two chow chow that were put in the same of em, ate the other's shyt! like literal smelled and eat!!! gawd!

on a random note :p
this is a piccie taken of my aunt's dog...cute?

and now, i'm goin back to my miserable assignments~ chiow!


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