Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tell me this is not cute

Baby found this is a forum~ It's uber cute ite?! I just wanna cuddle it!!! Argh!
Oh~ if you are the owner of this picture and wish to be credited, contact me~ :D
This picture is so awesome!!!!
Thankies for sharing it with me, honey~

My Water Moments

If you all know me when enough, you should know that my memory capacity is not superb. Most of the time my best/good friends will label me as having STML~ in that case, it means that I have a short term memory span in the size which is like a peanut...yeap..that's me.

And that explains why i like taking loads of pictures... it's like a scene in my life freeze in time, and it'll last for as long as i choose not to delete em' cool isn't it? Another reason why i like looking at photos, and taking photos (mind you, i meant me being the photographer, not me being the model/subject of being captured) it's mainly because...well, it's another form of art, no? Feelings and thoughts could be portrait in a single frame, and last for centuries (even millenniums if taken care for)..I think that's something amazing.

Now to the topic~
I've always liked the water, be it the ocean or water i meant water by nature...not getting water splash on my face from a glass...Yeap, with that..I also love the dolphins and whales.... being the person i am, I also like/love pretty things such as a rainbow....

it'll be nice to be able to capture pictures like this

picture credit to Cachoeira da Fumaça

Credits: Praise Photgraphy!

Well...closest i have been to the water(s)?

during the holidays in Hong Kong some time back...dolphins~


Obviously, this is neither a whale nor a dolphin, this is my brother~

Judging from the picture, you should know how far i stand... if i were to be anywhere closer?

and yes~ that would be my mind yelling until the whole world knows my name. Reason being... I'm a klutz / clumsy monkey, there won't be a day that i won't drop something ...or trip..on FLAT GROUND...yes, u've read right...FLAT ground

Sometimes i wonder where I get this talent =,= *sarcasm*

Look at what happened recently!!! I was only trying to snap the Majestic house, so that it'll be my motivation to work towards such "goals" and see what happened!

If i had the Sony TX5 with me? I would without doubt wind down the window and snap to my hearts contents~ :D yesh...that would be sooooooooooooo good~

What is this Sony TX5 I'm talking about?

It's this awesome camera by SONY of course~

so WHY the Sony TX5?

because it's "water-proof", can capture under water pictures as deep as 3m and can last up to 60 minutes...tell me it's not cool~

what more?
Effortless Panoramic Photos
so that i won't have awkward moments like this
[seriously, this is taken by me, but digitally fixed, so...sighs]

It can also capture twilight nothing like this will actually happen =,=

It can also take up to 10 photos in a second..that'll be great...

den i'll be able to bring the camera for whale watching, and catch the moment they emerge from the water~
best part~ i can snap pictures while my boyfriend is on the move with basketball~ *woots*
*fan girl mode is on*

What else is so great about Sony TX5?

It's temperature, dust, and shock proof
~ which is ultra cool for a clumsy person like me, did i mention that my hand shakes alot when taking pictures at times?

Other specs includes:

Approximately 10.2 mp effective pixels
4x optical zoom
4.43 - 17.7mm (25 - 100mm) focal length
3.0" LCD screen (mind u, it's touch screen)
Battery life of 250 shots / 125mins

Scene selections include :
  • Twilight
  • Twilight Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Soft Snap
  • Snow
  • Beach,
  • Fireworks
  • High Sensitivity
  • Hi-Speed Shutter
  • Underwater
  • Gourmet
  • Pet

Oh yeah~ Gourmet and Pet!!! Woots~ more food pics~ and my pretty lil dogs (and occasional cats)..not forgetting UNDERWATER~!
looking forward to romantic shots like this 1

picture credit to this page

Obviously I'm talking about real life, no matter how u look at me, i don't look like a character that hops out from some anime =(


and this model comes in

and that is all i wanna say about SONY TX 5 and what a great camera it would be for me =)
and hopefully i can win myself one~

but if any1 out there is interested you can find our more from Here (sony's site)
and i think it cost around RM1,499...
yeap *crosses fingers and toes* hopefully, i can get one =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Does it exist?
Do you still believe in the word "Eternity"?

With so many distractions and temptations around, some begin to doubt the existence of "eternity" in a relationship. No longer do people look for "mr.right" or "ms.right" based on the qualities, more like material wealthy, or physically attractive individuals will be the NEW "mr or ms right". So...does 'eternity' still come in this kind of relationship?

Personally, I still want to keep the tiny hope in me that fairytales and eternity exists...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

...lack of updates?

I haven't been updating much~
I have too much on my mind, and way too much on my hands...
Going through some stressful time now *cries*

Will be updating as soon as i can~ ok?
I have loads of pictures to share, and also attended events ~ woot!

And a random thought...what's any1's thought of falling down, in the sense of failing..

To me~
i think the most important lesson to learn when we fall, is knowing how to get up again =)

and i'm in the process of getting up! so do wait for me yeah~ *winks*

and oh yeah~


Monday, June 07, 2010

How often do you shave?

So...I'm in developmental psychology lecture now. (pls don't be thinking nonsense when reading my post title)

And guess what's today's question?

How Often do you shave? how about u *Dv
DV: I dunno, depends.
Depends on what?
DV: if i wake up in the morning, look in the mirror...den "eh!" den i shave lor

LOL~ How about you guys??? How often do u shave?

Anyways, DV shave once a week apparently :p

Saturday, June 05, 2010

IKEA + baby + friends = great time!

Funny how all of us manage to meet friends coincidentally at places we least expect...

Was out with baby that day as he promised to bring me to IKEA for daim~ yeap! we were there, and we bump into Farrah and her other half :D

Owh, and guess what! there is not something new in IKEA's's another version of Dark Choc!
trust me! go try it~ it's awesomelicious~ :p

So neways, we had great food, and had loads of fun talking! We as in Farrah + BF, Aliza + Charis and Baby + me!!!

after that we split up to do some shopping of our own, baby and I visited ACE...he wanted to 'shop' there for nothing in particular =,= after that, we went to visit that pet place in IKANO ( i'm sorry, me forgot the shop's name) and i was in another HEAVEN!
the cats were so cute~ and cuddly looking not to mention...and gawd! chow chow dogs!!!
Have u guys seen them? there are the most cuddly teddy bear look-a-like dog!!!

and bie and saw something real disgusting!
the two chow chow that were put in the same of em, ate the other's shyt! like literal smelled and eat!!! gawd!

on a random note :p
this is a piccie taken of my aunt's dog...cute?

and now, i'm goin back to my miserable assignments~ chiow!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Workplace danger?

In I/O psych today, we talked about workplace dangers..... here are some fun parts~! :p

Dr.P:How does working in a hot/cold temperature affect health?
Students: Constipation
Dr.P: If too cold?
Nat: Frozen eyeballs~


here's another ;-)

Dr.P :What's the benefit of moonlighting?
Nat: u get to enjoy the moon light...

LOL~ btw, moonlighting is referring to the Night Shift work...