Sunday, May 23, 2010

West Side Story!!!

After much effort to sell the tickets~ (many were interested, they either have no time, or no cash =,=ll) i ended up in the musical with one of my bestie, FIONA!

It's been a loooooooooong time since I've watched a musical, the last time i did was...CATS! =) Brings back memory...i can't stop telling Fi before the musical begin :D Hope i din bore her :p

Was there in Istana Budaya an hour+ early, because i din know the way there, and i manja dad into fetching me there :D so he left early. Fi and I decided to yam cha there in DELICIOUS~

The musical is an adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet", i kinda like it...but at the beginning i was abit confuse, as in the musical there are two racial groups...but they look similar to me *paiseh*

Here is "Tony" (Scott Sussman)

Some more vids

this is by the two lead singer, the same pair that sang in the musical that i watched~ so happy!!!

Musical Awards 2009 - West Side story

and some local coverage

West Side Story: Behind the Scene


West Side Thrills

Here are some articles to share :D

Overall, i think the musical is not bad :D i like it~ (minus the ending)... if u guys know romeo and juliet, I'm sure u know wat ending i'm talking about *sadness*

neways...special thanks to Fiona for accompanying me, and provided me with a great evening, and thanks to daddy who 'chauffeur' me and fi to and fro Istana Budaya.


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