Friday, May 28, 2010

Wesak Day~ My style~

From what I understand from the minimum knowledge of religion that I have, Wesak Day is a celebration celebrated by the Buddhist and the Hindu. Wesak Day is a.k.a Buddha's Birthday (it might not be a fact, because it's only MY knowledge - so if u think I'm wrong...I'm Sorry)

Anyway, Wesak Day in Malaysia is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY~! *woots*
So I was the morning, went out with my younger brother to get some things done..came home..loiter and worked abit..went to the temple in Gasing...and it RAINED!
Like really freaking rained!!!

I had to sit in the car to wait for the rain to stop, before my mom agrees to get down! so i took this in my car....

and I was too bored....

sat in the car for an effing 30 minutes? before the rain became less...note the less! it din stop we took umbrellas and walk towards the temple...

In the temple...this! happened!

My nail broke~ damn sad ite? so long sumore....
So i pouted and sulked abit, and got over it...
And den i got bored waiting, and the sky looked nice~

Yeap~ and that is how i celebrated my Wesak day~


I din take picture inside the temple, mainly because
  1. I'm not sure if i'm allowed
  2. It was really crowded
  3. It was still drizzling

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