Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I think I’m going to die even before old age man¬

Sighs! Damn stress¬

I have Japanese Exam later, and I know nuts about what I’m doing, not to mention that my developmental essay is due on Friday….Grrr¬

Owh, talking about developmental psychology, I had just attended the lecture juz now with my community mental health lecturer ----> =,=ll wat’s the link rite? The 2 subjects share the same lecturer.

So anyways, we were learning about the mental health of elderly people, and guess what? In a psychology context, in developmental there are 3 types of elderly mainly

  1. Young-Old (65)
  2. Old-Old (75)
  3. Oldest-Old (85)

Then Nat asked a question…
“What happens when they are older than the oldest old?”
“huh? They die lar!”

See lar¬ this is what happens :D

So I’m signing off to prepare for my ‘death’ *sighs*

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