Monday, May 03, 2010

FreshLook~ *woot*

Like i have mentioned in my earlier post, that I'm drowning in stress, and yesh~ i'm not here to depress you guys....check what i found!

Free lens!

and endorsed by the beautiful Rainie Yang~
I personally think that she's quite cute~ watched few of her dramas, damn cute + funny + romantic =p

watched 'devil beside you'? she's freaking cute in there! =p
ok ok, I'm anyways, it's a free trial! i found the link in Yeap! so thought of sharing with you guys.

FYI, only applicable for Malaysians

and here is the link for the FREE TRIAL

go on over and get yourself a pair, and give it a try.

BTW, if you're signing up, it's always good to check out the T&C...Terms and Condition =)

I'll update soon~

I ♥ you, baby!!!

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