Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Driving Days~

I'm currently sitting in the waiting seats of SDC [Safety Driving Centre] waiting for my brother...he has a 2 hours practical class and i have no where to go! Well, it's not like i have no where to go, it's more like i don't have enough time~

I could take a drive to A&W, or even Amcorp...problem is, i dun like to hurry! I don't want to be enjoying my root beer one moment and rushing to get my bro the here i am....BLOG-ing =)

Did u guys miss me? *a case of being 'perasan' =p*

Sitting here, laughing (inside yeah, not LOL) at some of the trainees here, forgetting that i was once upon a time in their place...mean of me ite?

wat's surprising is that, some trainers here could be so flirtatious! Den again, this place is open to the 'private learning schools' as well, so i'm not sure if that guy is a staff here (he wasn't wearing a uniform)... Anyway, i was sitting dwn here a moment ago, and this gal came and sit at the other end of my row...

Den out of nowhere, this trainer came and start making small talks with the girl... And if u ask me, i would say that he i tryin to impress the gal by telling her stuff like, what are the things that trainers (aka him) have to do, something along those lines that he has to go for exams also, and it's tough, and he went on with loads of action (as in physically moving alot!) so yeah, it annoyed the hell out of me, so i went to the car took my trusty lappie, and blog! and he disappeared :p

I'm good at yapping huh :p

Check out the place man, look at the amount of cars!!! This students ar, on a sunday morning have to wake up early to learn, so kesian ite?

Sighs,i hope my brother pass! den i dun nd to come to this place and rot anymore!!!! i'm drafting another blog post about my 'beautiful' car...stay tune~!

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