Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Descent 2!!!

Thanks to Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Sdn Bhd, and Nuffnang~ I 'so-called won' a pair of tickets to watch the premier~

Funny thing is, I've never watched part I!!! so what i did? Trustee Google that's wat i did... after lookin at some of the pics, i almost chicken out!

Anyway, the movie is ok - not too scary, I manage to finish the whole show! (although i hurt bie alot by whacking him when i got scared *pout* sowee!)

So anyways, continuing from the 1st part Sarah (the lead actress) found her way out of the 'cave' and got help from a passer by.... and the police was contacted and all

so anyways the sheriff (evil) forced Sarah to go back inside the 'cave system' because she can't recall anything from the traumatic event.... Sarah was forced back inside together with the 'search party'

Here are some pics...I'm afraid to reveal too much!!!

here's the search team~

this is one of the gal in the search party...notice the 'crawler' at the background? *runs and hides*

Trying to escape!!

This is the lead, Sarah~

Another shot of sarah, with the assistant...she's nice =(

Scawy!!!! They are near the "exit"


There is a twist to the ending~ i didn't like it...but i guess there is a reason behind it =)

Guys~ go catch it if ur interested in some 'heart racing' :D

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