Friday, April 02, 2010

A threat?

*drools* i know it's inappropriate to start of my post with a drool~ but who cares?! it's KUROSHITSUJI SEASON II~yo! check out the trailer~ (credits to Yuki because her blogpost alert me =D) the new butler~ *drools sumore*

Anyhow~ 2day me have me replacement class for social psychology! *pouts*
it's a freaking friday! i'm not suppose to have class~ but nehows, 2day's class was relaxing and fun~Dr.P is awesoooome~ =D

camwhored a bit in the psych lab today ..hehe..

Charis, ME, and awesome-ness

Christine trying get back her own chair by pushing awesome-ness, and she still manage to look good~

Our chaotic class when Dr.P went out to get marker =p

I juz realized how bad signal is at the psychology department for DiGi users~ gah! i din even have 1 bar of my sms-ed me, and called..and din get through...! thank god he called my 012 no. he was worried that something happened to me, so he called the other number to check~ so sweet of him ite? i wonder what would he have done if my 012 line has no signal as well~ hmmm....*ponders* neways! ♥ u bwy~

After class, we had 30 minutes break for lunch before my social psych group have to meet up for discussion~ guess what? kelv is missing, and pooja went to PYRAMID for lunch!!!

anyways, funny quote of the day
"I will grind his groin until he literally becomes a girl" (Kheu,2010)
FUNNY ite?! LOL~

neways~ toodles!



-Pinkie ChiRa- said...

Charis looks as if she's clawing your shoulders off! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Jaslyn Miki said...

LOL~ no lar...probably d angle *thinks to self - did i pissed charis off???? O,o*