Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surprise Visit~and the greatnes of chocolate!

*groans* 2 reports due coming week, and another 1 real soon....Sum1 kill me pls~ *juz kidding-too young to die =p*

So anyways, Sis and Thomas gor came back for a surprise birthday dinner with mom, so nice of them ite? they came back for my 21st birthday too...♥ them both very much. Thomas gor is a great brother to have =)

Yeap..back to topic, we had dinner in 'Jaya Palace' part? I dunno the place =( *hides in shame* I was merely incharge of the cake ok? I have the load of assignments on me *cries*, had to use my 'awesome' brother to lead the way...and this is wat happen...we stopped at the traffic light

Bro: I think it's over there *points on d right*
Me: *look ova and saw 'imperial palace'* No...
Bro: hmm...Jaya palace wat!
Me: *points at the place he pointed* It says IMPERIAL PALACE!
Bro: *squints eyes* Oh yeah....

So in the end, i found the place because,..well...because i was tailing my aunt's car :p

The food there is not too bad, but me being me, i din enjoy it much lar~ coz's not my type of say if it's for me to choose the menu it'll end up being...

  1. Some soup boiled with chocolate
  2. Chicken with chocolate
  3. Duck skin with chocolate
  4. and much more that has to do with chocolate lar~

on another note, this is to show u the chocolate greatness..thanks baby for sharing d video with me :D ♥ u~

credits to: xcommercials

I'll uploads the pics later for u guys to enjoy~ hehe...


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