Saturday, April 17, 2010

Socially rejected =(

sadness to the max!!! no idea what is social rejection? check this out~

According to Wikipedia, Social Rejection is defined as "when an individual is deliberately excluded from a social relationship or social interaction" (wikipedia, n.d.).

Just that day... I've been 'socially rejected'

by who?

ALIZA a.k.a Bai Zhe, and CHARIS a.k.a Sam Zhe (combination of Bai Zhe and Sampat)

Scenario 1:

Aliza (A) : *concentrating on work - and i mean concentrating*
Charis (C): If only i have half of Aliza's brain, i think it's in her genes
Me: Yeah man, i think so too...mother is a A********, father is a D*****.sure good genes for intelligence
A: eh!? where u guys talking about me??? O,o
Me: HUh? o.o no...
Me & C: *giggles*
Aliza: =( wat is it lar?

Charis and I repeated the conversation for Aliza....

C: yeah lar, we're not as smart as you ...
A: at least you are 'cekap'
C & Me : =,=
C: Cekap?! wat do u mean?! Cekap in being stupid? or cekap at work?
A: ....

Seee! even Aliza thinks that we're stupid *cries*

Scenario 2

I'm sitting down stoning, and people watching...takin a break from writing my 'destined to doom' essay.... Charis stroll over to sit beside me, but her knees touched my butt...

me: eh! y u wanna molest me lar?
C: O,O what molest?!
me: ur knee touch my butt!
C: I wanna molest also i look for someone better lar~


there were more socially rejected cases by Charis which i'm too heart broken to blog about =( everyday i face social rejection by charis...den she say i have low self esteem! den stop rejecting me liao lar~! haihz!

Advice to ppl who faced/will face rejection???

**Note** : pictures above are not taken/create by me, if you are the owner of the picture and wish to be credited...pls contact me :D

Next up, I'll blog about the lovey HELLO KITTY~! ^^


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Charis said...

Eh.. where got socially reject u everyday?!