Monday, April 05, 2010

Should I hire a French Maid? Make my kid watch Japanese Anime and Korean Drama?

Today in developmental lecture, we all learned something BLOODY interesting :p’s not exactly bloody, but yeah~ I have a liking for this word all of a sudden, juz like how I like the word ‘shyt’.

So back to the main topic~ Should I hire a French Maid? Well, actually it’s for my kid la~ not for me de.

Right now I’m really sad because CHARIS DON’T TRUST ME! So hurtful ite? She’s sitting beside me rite now, and she’s going home in my car later *thinks about evil plot* revenge is so sweet..hehe…

"Charis replies: it’s ok, I’ll follow mom today. It’s only 1buck anyways, I can walk in the rain." she make me sound evil and mean, for making her walk under the rain…*cries*

ok, Ok, OK~! Back to my initial topic again….so yeap, u see, we learned in developmental that children are able to learn various languages up till the age of 6.

It’s not like that can’t learn afta 6, but they learn better before 6 =D yeap~ and the more expose they are to the language, the faster they pick up. Now! Does that explain why I wanna get a French maid now? =D heheh~
and I offer to speak to Charis’ child for one hour a day in Japanese ..and I’ll tell the kid about my day…Charis doubted my ability to do that! So I was hurt~!

Because initially, I plan to speak to my kid in Japanese, then I’ll hire a French maid…so yeap~ more choices ma… the baby will automatically discard what he or she thinks that it’s irrelevant or not important. Exposing is not forcing *winks*

Den I thought about Japanese Anime, and Korean Drama instead of Disney movies…cause well, I csan speak English ma =p *personal preference, don’t follow my advice*
Then came Social Psychology~ gawd~! So many quotes from Dr.P, she’s so very funny! =D

“Ok, nanko, what kind of…@,@ huh?! That’s Kenny?! –Dr.P”
Dr.P was about to ask Nanko what kind of impression she would like to leave on a handsome man, and halfway through the sentence, she noticed Kenny who had a change of hairstyle~ Hahahaha!

“mermaid is a fish or a what ar? It is a FANTASY…hehe” Dr.P~
And this is Dr.P tryin to make fun of Kelv, and clarifying the meaning of Implicit Theories…. =D Kelvin actually thought that a Whale is a fish, and not a mammal =,=

“Women can satisfied themselves, men after satisfying themselves, are still not satisfied.”-Dr.P
Well, what can I say? This is the ultimate quote man! LOL! That’s telling how women can ‘form’ impressions *winks*

Sighs~ some people just dunno when to shut up… and it irritates me to heart their comments or opinions… =.=ll

Double sighs~ I lose my internet connection because dad 4got my bill =,= ; so now, I have to go home to my house that does not have an internet connection. Sad isn’t it?


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