Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Aaa…Roadtrips…the sound on it makes me feel relaxed and excited at the same time. I love going outdoor with either my family or friends…what more a road trip?

It’s fun to sit in a car, enjoy the journey, and fill it with joy, laughter, and tons of pictures! I remember my trip to Kuantan sometime back, we were there to visit a relative of my grandparents…( no idea how we are related though) so anyways, being the teenager that I was back then, the place is a bore~ seriously, there is nothing much that I could do there except…FEED THE MOSQUITOS! Gawd~! I still remember how I scratch and scratch =,= I had a laptop with me den, best part?! There is no internet connection anywhere that I could go! Mainly because the furthest I could go is the shop houses nearby.


I have no more worries~ wherever I go? I have my trustee

I am now able to facebook, tweet, check emails, play online game, and even stream movies!

Now, I wanna to plan for a roadtrip to somewhere with beaches~ I can sit by the sea, with a nice cup of coffee, and blog~!

This time when my dad ask me “Kuantan, interested?”
I’ll gladly answer “sure dad~”

Btw guys, you all should follow Project Alpha, it's seriously fun to watch
here are some episodes to share =)

Epi 8/49

Epi 9/49

Epi 10/49

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benwl said...

nice post about wimax!

does wimax offers unlimited broadband services?

checkout my blog post about unlimited broadband:

Jaslyn Miki said...

LOL~ checking out ur blogpost for sure. Unfortunately, im not very sure about the services offered by wimax... Im kinda ignorant when it comes to all this =( sorry~!