Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

What does this idiom mean to you? What’s your definition? According to a free dictionary online “no strings attached” is defined as no special demands or limits that you have to accept

To me?

It means “F-R-E-E-D-O-M”

Yeap~ the freedom to do whatever I wanna do (till some certain extend- don’t go breaking laws). Then again, it could also mean the convenience that comes along with the advancement in technology.

Well, it’s a direct argument when it comes to the relation between “no strings attached” and “advancement in technology”

Why? The most obvious one would be PC vs. Laptop….

Remember the days of this?

and the messy wires

and now vs this

See the literal no strings attached?
wait,wait, wait!
i have more proof,
remember this?

the days that we have to be glued to the table in order to talk to our best friend on the phone, or want to sneakily call our boy/girlfriends...

and through technology advancement, we now have the convenience of

and even on to mobile phones~

last prove~

the days that we have to go through hell to go online with a dial-up modem, and if we have more than one pc...GONE~ a deeper hell with this!

and imagine all the cables that go around your house!

and now we have the effortless, "string"less

Am i not right now? dare you to say that i'm not *bluek =p*
Owh~ look what i found that is good about the wire (string)

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