Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

Grooming tips eh? Which version are we talking? The normal version ? or my stress version?

Yes, u’ve read right…I have TWO versions of grooming *winks* chunt-ed ite? :p

So….the normal version 1st?

  1. Wash my face with cleanser.
  2. Apply toner, moisturizer, pimple cream, and SUNBLOCK!
  3. Groom my hair, either pull it into a ponytail, or well…let loose¬
  4. Apply moisturizer on the entire body…my bod needs moisture yo!
  5. Pick out matching outfit…
  6. Use tissue to dab of access oil from my face
  7. Apply make-up (I’ll save you the trouble of reading through my thorough make up…it’ll be the end of the nite if I don’t)

Before I leave?

How can I forget my trustee Adidas Action 3….

I use the pink 1 and it smells awesome-rific¬! Booyah! I seriously like it¬

U need not know this, but my baby uses Adidas too :D he’s is blue in colour, and I love smelling it *winks*

So now…for the stress version of my grooming….

  1. Take out brush/comb/or my fingers forming the comb shape
  2. Brush slow
  3. Increase brushing rate

Yeap¬ sounds familiar? It’s the way hamsters and cats releases stress =( is to GROOM BY COMBING!

by the way...check out Project Alpha Season 2!!!

Epi 1

Epi 2

Epi 3

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