Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Favourite Sport

Hmm..sports eh? I don’t really have a Favourite, but if I must choose, it’ll be BASKETBALL for sure!

I dunno since when or how I’ve been attracted to this sport, I don’t play it (but my bf does..hehe) and the funny thing is we met because of a stupid BASKETBALL!

Lol~ actually, I didn’t meet him then, it was because of his basketball that I remember him *pout* his basketball hit me during orientation day! 1st day of my college life~ sux ite?!

So, anyways…I think our relationship built on because of basketball too =p but I’m not gonna tell you guys!! Ask me if u wanna kw ;-) personally, and I’ll think about telling u…

Back to the topic, if u don’t know what basketball is…hmm..u know NBA?! Lol….or ‘Space Jam’? you guys need to really wiki it if you don’t man!
Space jam was like the bomb in my opinion…ok?

Anyways, basketball is played by 2 teams (juz like any other sports), and each team needs at least 5 players

And well, juz like any other games, ur suppose to score lar! =,=ll

I like watching movies that has to do with basketball, like super cool…like the Taiwanese drama ‘Basketball Fire’ (or something liddat) oh! And ‘Dear Boys’ and ‘Slam Dunk’ these 2 are Japanese anime that I’ve watched…super cool~! Go watch it wen you have time…hehe

So…just like playing any other sports, you’ll sweat ite? If ur playing sports to impress a girl – best advice, please don’t stink! Use…

Hehe~ u should kw where this is heading by now rite?
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