Thursday, April 08, 2010

lying?'s bending the truth ;-)

Was checking on my nuffnang account afta class, and came across a funny post in nang-it =) wanna share it with you guys~

This guy was being accused of molesting in the LRT during the morning peak hours.Anyways, earlier in class, we’ve came to heard the most unbelievable news~! That’s just so crappy, some people juz don’t know the meaning of ethics? Sighs, today in organizational psychology tutorial, we learn about ‘Resume Fraud’. Interestingly some people just don’t know what is too much, no? The resume (for ur info it is a actual submitted resume of a certain person) is so exaggerated even we a students can detect the fake-ness in it the moment we hear the qualifications…

WTH ite? No life is it?

Don’t have then don’t fake lar~

I wonder if this person ever thought of the ‘karma’ that he is collecting, and no I ain’t talking about Kama Sutra =,= it is the bad deeds called K-A-R-M-A! I think the thought never cross this person’s mind that he might mislead people or mistreat people when he does not have the proper qualification… this said person actually has a ‘center’ somewhere in K.L

Believe it or not?!

Anyways, while doing my research work, I came across a very interesting article published in NST Online, the article is entitled “Cover Story: Hooked on porn”

You will be surprised with the ‘testimonials’ there, and a comment by a “Dr Edward Chan, principal consultant psychologist of the Malaysian Psychology Centre (MPC)” [NST Online, 2010].

So anyways, there are a few ways that we could detect frauds, and that ofcourse was taught in class as a ‘nice to know’ kind of information…

Next time if you guys are seeing for legal/medical/wat-so-ever advice please please double, if you could triple check their qualifications! I’m freaking serious! It is not a joke, ok?

You might be laughing at me childishness/naivety/exaggeration but you won’t be laughing when you are caught and become a victim of these frauds ok? =(

Another case study given in class today was about this accountant who works for a firm, ite? Then afta working for some time, the employer decided that this person could not be trusted, and fired him….guess what happen?

The company was faced with 2 court cases in regards to some accounting fraud @,@ scary ite?!

What happen was that said accountant omitted 2 past job experiences that he was dismissed, he also committed some fraud in that 2 company, and was dismissed because of it.

And now that he is no employee of the company, the company has to face the two court cases~ sighs~ this people ar =,=

And we were joking with Dr.P about her joke – he’s not actually lying about his resume…because

“it’s not lying, it’s called bending the truth” – Dr.P

owh, Owh, OWH~ I have an interesting picture to share!

Lookey~ this is…correction…WAS a workshop near my college area, and lookey at wat happened over nite. Scary rite? I would have taken a close up if not for my laziness..
There is actually 3 cars inside burned into nothingness~ Oooo~ that sounds nice :D

For now~



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