Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to train your dragon?

This animation is A-awesome! I’m freaking serious! Go catch it…on a scale of 5-stars, I will rate it 4.5-stars (mainly because nothing is perfect =p)

If you don’t watch this animation, or if you don’t know about this…OMG~ you are missing loads~ trust me..i mean loads…so find out about it at…

and here you are! The trailer! The dragon is ultra awesome

And nope! Not gonna talk more about this movie…don’t wanna spoil it for the rest of you ite? =D

Okies..that’s all for now, goin back to my work!

Have a dateline of 15 pages essay on attribution….due Friday.

“cool” or what? Sighs…..

♥ you baby =)

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