Saturday, April 03, 2010

Birthday Dinner with granny~

I would not say I’m the best grandchild that any grandparents could have~ coz seriously, I’m Not.

I would try to be, but TRYING is not the best~ doing, is the best…and truthfully, I’m not ‘doing’ and I guess, I’m not even trying hard enough.

My aunt and uncle have chosen today to celebrate my granny’s birthday because, well, her birthday falls on a weekday.

I wasn’t very happy during the dinner (heck! It was before the dinner even started), it’s not like I’m emotional or something; but when people keep doing shyt to you.
Obviously you’ll get tired of it someday! Am I not right?

So anyways~ yeap! Was in a total annoyed state, and people have to go on saying words that is meant to be ‘heard’ – well, sentence structure that they used consists of double meanings~

And well, the hidden meaning of it wasn’t something that I like to hear – and that pisses me off further!

Btw, we had vegetarian food in IMBI… didn’t like the dishes one bit (then again it could be because I was pissed and annoyed with situations)

Gah! Blogging about it makes me mad all over again! Grrr~ anyways, me took some nice pics (well,in my opinion kinda nice)
Sharing it with you guys, and hope u like it =D

Toodles for now~

Oh yeah~ I was so damn pissed that the only pic that I took was of the soup =,=ll


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