Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Aaa…Roadtrips…the sound on it makes me feel relaxed and excited at the same time. I love going outdoor with either my family or friends…what more a road trip?

It’s fun to sit in a car, enjoy the journey, and fill it with joy, laughter, and tons of pictures! I remember my trip to Kuantan sometime back, we were there to visit a relative of my grandparents…( no idea how we are related though) so anyways, being the teenager that I was back then, the place is a bore~ seriously, there is nothing much that I could do there except…FEED THE MOSQUITOS! Gawd~! I still remember how I scratch and scratch =,= I had a laptop with me den, best part?! There is no internet connection anywhere that I could go! Mainly because the furthest I could go is the shop houses nearby.


I have no more worries~ wherever I go? I have my trustee

I am now able to facebook, tweet, check emails, play online game, and even stream movies!

Now, I wanna to plan for a roadtrip to somewhere with beaches~ I can sit by the sea, with a nice cup of coffee, and blog~!

This time when my dad ask me “Kuantan, interested?”
I’ll gladly answer “sure dad~”

Btw guys, you all should follow Project Alpha, it's seriously fun to watch
here are some episodes to share =)

Epi 8/49

Epi 9/49

Epi 10/49

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Harlow Kwitty

Hehehe..that's my way of saying 'Hello Kitty' =)

If you guys have known me long enough, u'll know that i have a soft spot for hello kitty :D well, sumtimes i don't look like I'm attracted it, but seriously i am~ But i'm not the type that goes all crazy ova it... like the 'i muz have...'

Well, ofcourse if i have's a plus~ hehe =)
wanna know how FAMOUS kitty ish? check these out~ =D

Hello Kitty Resort

Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Bento~ cute ite?

Hello kitty and fashion~

Want famous? Check M.A.C

and Paris Hilton

and now some link to share~
Sanrio Town
Hello Kitty Online

and some anti Hello Kitty
Kitty Hell


Surprise Visit~and the greatnes of chocolate!

*groans* 2 reports due coming week, and another 1 real soon....Sum1 kill me pls~ *juz kidding-too young to die =p*

So anyways, Sis and Thomas gor came back for a surprise birthday dinner with mom, so nice of them ite? they came back for my 21st birthday too...♥ them both very much. Thomas gor is a great brother to have =)

Yeap..back to topic, we had dinner in 'Jaya Palace' part? I dunno the place =( *hides in shame* I was merely incharge of the cake ok? I have the load of assignments on me *cries*, had to use my 'awesome' brother to lead the way...and this is wat happen...we stopped at the traffic light

Bro: I think it's over there *points on d right*
Me: *look ova and saw 'imperial palace'* No...
Bro: hmm...Jaya palace wat!
Me: *points at the place he pointed* It says IMPERIAL PALACE!
Bro: *squints eyes* Oh yeah....

So in the end, i found the place because,..well...because i was tailing my aunt's car :p

The food there is not too bad, but me being me, i din enjoy it much lar~ coz's not my type of say if it's for me to choose the menu it'll end up being...

  1. Some soup boiled with chocolate
  2. Chicken with chocolate
  3. Duck skin with chocolate
  4. and much more that has to do with chocolate lar~

on another note, this is to show u the chocolate greatness..thanks baby for sharing d video with me :D ♥ u~

credits to: xcommercials

I'll uploads the pics later for u guys to enjoy~ hehe...


Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

Grooming tips eh? Which version are we talking? The normal version ? or my stress version?

Yes, u’ve read right…I have TWO versions of grooming *winks* chunt-ed ite? :p

So….the normal version 1st?

  1. Wash my face with cleanser.
  2. Apply toner, moisturizer, pimple cream, and SUNBLOCK!
  3. Groom my hair, either pull it into a ponytail, or well…let loose¬
  4. Apply moisturizer on the entire body…my bod needs moisture yo!
  5. Pick out matching outfit…
  6. Use tissue to dab of access oil from my face
  7. Apply make-up (I’ll save you the trouble of reading through my thorough make up…it’ll be the end of the nite if I don’t)

Before I leave?

How can I forget my trustee Adidas Action 3….

I use the pink 1 and it smells awesome-rific¬! Booyah! I seriously like it¬

U need not know this, but my baby uses Adidas too :D he’s is blue in colour, and I love smelling it *winks*

So now…for the stress version of my grooming….

  1. Take out brush/comb/or my fingers forming the comb shape
  2. Brush slow
  3. Increase brushing rate

Yeap¬ sounds familiar? It’s the way hamsters and cats releases stress =( is to GROOM BY COMBING!

by the way...check out Project Alpha Season 2!!!

Epi 1

Epi 2

Epi 3

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Socially rejected =(

sadness to the max!!! no idea what is social rejection? check this out~

According to Wikipedia, Social Rejection is defined as "when an individual is deliberately excluded from a social relationship or social interaction" (wikipedia, n.d.).

Just that day... I've been 'socially rejected'

by who?

ALIZA a.k.a Bai Zhe, and CHARIS a.k.a Sam Zhe (combination of Bai Zhe and Sampat)

Scenario 1:

Aliza (A) : *concentrating on work - and i mean concentrating*
Charis (C): If only i have half of Aliza's brain, i think it's in her genes
Me: Yeah man, i think so too...mother is a A********, father is a D*****.sure good genes for intelligence
A: eh!? where u guys talking about me??? O,o
Me: HUh? o.o no...
Me & C: *giggles*
Aliza: =( wat is it lar?

Charis and I repeated the conversation for Aliza....

C: yeah lar, we're not as smart as you ...
A: at least you are 'cekap'
C & Me : =,=
C: Cekap?! wat do u mean?! Cekap in being stupid? or cekap at work?
A: ....

Seee! even Aliza thinks that we're stupid *cries*

Scenario 2

I'm sitting down stoning, and people watching...takin a break from writing my 'destined to doom' essay.... Charis stroll over to sit beside me, but her knees touched my butt...

me: eh! y u wanna molest me lar?
C: O,O what molest?!
me: ur knee touch my butt!
C: I wanna molest also i look for someone better lar~


there were more socially rejected cases by Charis which i'm too heart broken to blog about =( everyday i face social rejection by charis...den she say i have low self esteem! den stop rejecting me liao lar~! haihz!

Advice to ppl who faced/will face rejection???

**Note** : pictures above are not taken/create by me, if you are the owner of the picture and wish to be credited...pls contact me :D

Next up, I'll blog about the lovey HELLO KITTY~! ^^


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beauty of Life

Hey peeps, spend some time watching this video...
I can promise that it's worth your time, unless you are some heartless person =(
We watched this in Community Mental Health, and Charis & I became so sad/touched...we had tears in our eyes. Aun thought it was funny to laugh at us, until we gave him 'the stare'

Watch on~


Something to ponder upon, no?
What is important in life? what are your priorities?
Did u set your priorities right?

I hope you guys get the message of this animation =) it's truly beautiful...

Bits of info on this short clip could be found in our trustee imdb - the beauty of life_Lars Kaegan

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

What does this idiom mean to you? What’s your definition? According to a free dictionary online “no strings attached” is defined as no special demands or limits that you have to accept

To me?

It means “F-R-E-E-D-O-M”

Yeap~ the freedom to do whatever I wanna do (till some certain extend- don’t go breaking laws). Then again, it could also mean the convenience that comes along with the advancement in technology.

Well, it’s a direct argument when it comes to the relation between “no strings attached” and “advancement in technology”

Why? The most obvious one would be PC vs. Laptop….

Remember the days of this?

and the messy wires

and now vs this

See the literal no strings attached?
wait,wait, wait!
i have more proof,
remember this?

the days that we have to be glued to the table in order to talk to our best friend on the phone, or want to sneakily call our boy/girlfriends...

and through technology advancement, we now have the convenience of

and even on to mobile phones~

last prove~

the days that we have to go through hell to go online with a dial-up modem, and if we have more than one pc...GONE~ a deeper hell with this!

and imagine all the cables that go around your house!

and now we have the effortless, "string"less

Am i not right now? dare you to say that i'm not *bluek =p*
Owh~ look what i found that is good about the wire (string)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to train your dragon?

This animation is A-awesome! I’m freaking serious! Go catch it…on a scale of 5-stars, I will rate it 4.5-stars (mainly because nothing is perfect =p)

If you don’t watch this animation, or if you don’t know about this…OMG~ you are missing loads~ trust me..i mean loads…so find out about it at…

and here you are! The trailer! The dragon is ultra awesome

And nope! Not gonna talk more about this movie…don’t wanna spoil it for the rest of you ite? =D

Okies..that’s all for now, goin back to my work!

Have a dateline of 15 pages essay on attribution….due Friday.

“cool” or what? Sighs…..

♥ you baby =)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

lying?'s bending the truth ;-)

Was checking on my nuffnang account afta class, and came across a funny post in nang-it =) wanna share it with you guys~

This guy was being accused of molesting in the LRT during the morning peak hours.Anyways, earlier in class, we’ve came to heard the most unbelievable news~! That’s just so crappy, some people juz don’t know the meaning of ethics? Sighs, today in organizational psychology tutorial, we learn about ‘Resume Fraud’. Interestingly some people just don’t know what is too much, no? The resume (for ur info it is a actual submitted resume of a certain person) is so exaggerated even we a students can detect the fake-ness in it the moment we hear the qualifications…

WTH ite? No life is it?

Don’t have then don’t fake lar~

I wonder if this person ever thought of the ‘karma’ that he is collecting, and no I ain’t talking about Kama Sutra =,= it is the bad deeds called K-A-R-M-A! I think the thought never cross this person’s mind that he might mislead people or mistreat people when he does not have the proper qualification… this said person actually has a ‘center’ somewhere in K.L

Believe it or not?!

Anyways, while doing my research work, I came across a very interesting article published in NST Online, the article is entitled “Cover Story: Hooked on porn”

You will be surprised with the ‘testimonials’ there, and a comment by a “Dr Edward Chan, principal consultant psychologist of the Malaysian Psychology Centre (MPC)” [NST Online, 2010].

So anyways, there are a few ways that we could detect frauds, and that ofcourse was taught in class as a ‘nice to know’ kind of information…

Next time if you guys are seeing for legal/medical/wat-so-ever advice please please double, if you could triple check their qualifications! I’m freaking serious! It is not a joke, ok?

You might be laughing at me childishness/naivety/exaggeration but you won’t be laughing when you are caught and become a victim of these frauds ok? =(

Another case study given in class today was about this accountant who works for a firm, ite? Then afta working for some time, the employer decided that this person could not be trusted, and fired him….guess what happen?

The company was faced with 2 court cases in regards to some accounting fraud @,@ scary ite?!

What happen was that said accountant omitted 2 past job experiences that he was dismissed, he also committed some fraud in that 2 company, and was dismissed because of it.

And now that he is no employee of the company, the company has to face the two court cases~ sighs~ this people ar =,=

And we were joking with Dr.P about her joke – he’s not actually lying about his resume…because

“it’s not lying, it’s called bending the truth” – Dr.P

owh, Owh, OWH~ I have an interesting picture to share!

Lookey~ this is…correction…WAS a workshop near my college area, and lookey at wat happened over nite. Scary rite? I would have taken a close up if not for my laziness..
There is actually 3 cars inside burned into nothingness~ Oooo~ that sounds nice :D

For now~



Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Favourite Sport

Hmm..sports eh? I don’t really have a Favourite, but if I must choose, it’ll be BASKETBALL for sure!

I dunno since when or how I’ve been attracted to this sport, I don’t play it (but my bf does..hehe) and the funny thing is we met because of a stupid BASKETBALL!

Lol~ actually, I didn’t meet him then, it was because of his basketball that I remember him *pout* his basketball hit me during orientation day! 1st day of my college life~ sux ite?!

So, anyways…I think our relationship built on because of basketball too =p but I’m not gonna tell you guys!! Ask me if u wanna kw ;-) personally, and I’ll think about telling u…

Back to the topic, if u don’t know what basketball is…hmm..u know NBA?! Lol….or ‘Space Jam’? you guys need to really wiki it if you don’t man!
Space jam was like the bomb in my opinion…ok?

Anyways, basketball is played by 2 teams (juz like any other sports), and each team needs at least 5 players

And well, juz like any other games, ur suppose to score lar! =,=ll

I like watching movies that has to do with basketball, like super cool…like the Taiwanese drama ‘Basketball Fire’ (or something liddat) oh! And ‘Dear Boys’ and ‘Slam Dunk’ these 2 are Japanese anime that I’ve watched…super cool~! Go watch it wen you have time…hehe

So…just like playing any other sports, you’ll sweat ite? If ur playing sports to impress a girl – best advice, please don’t stink! Use…

Hehe~ u should kw where this is heading by now rite?
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Should I hire a French Maid? Make my kid watch Japanese Anime and Korean Drama?

Today in developmental lecture, we all learned something BLOODY interesting :p’s not exactly bloody, but yeah~ I have a liking for this word all of a sudden, juz like how I like the word ‘shyt’.

So back to the main topic~ Should I hire a French Maid? Well, actually it’s for my kid la~ not for me de.

Right now I’m really sad because CHARIS DON’T TRUST ME! So hurtful ite? She’s sitting beside me rite now, and she’s going home in my car later *thinks about evil plot* revenge is so sweet..hehe…

"Charis replies: it’s ok, I’ll follow mom today. It’s only 1buck anyways, I can walk in the rain." she make me sound evil and mean, for making her walk under the rain…*cries*

ok, Ok, OK~! Back to my initial topic again….so yeap, u see, we learned in developmental that children are able to learn various languages up till the age of 6.

It’s not like that can’t learn afta 6, but they learn better before 6 =D yeap~ and the more expose they are to the language, the faster they pick up. Now! Does that explain why I wanna get a French maid now? =D heheh~
and I offer to speak to Charis’ child for one hour a day in Japanese ..and I’ll tell the kid about my day…Charis doubted my ability to do that! So I was hurt~!

Because initially, I plan to speak to my kid in Japanese, then I’ll hire a French maid…so yeap~ more choices ma… the baby will automatically discard what he or she thinks that it’s irrelevant or not important. Exposing is not forcing *winks*

Den I thought about Japanese Anime, and Korean Drama instead of Disney movies…cause well, I csan speak English ma =p *personal preference, don’t follow my advice*
Then came Social Psychology~ gawd~! So many quotes from Dr.P, she’s so very funny! =D

“Ok, nanko, what kind of…@,@ huh?! That’s Kenny?! –Dr.P”
Dr.P was about to ask Nanko what kind of impression she would like to leave on a handsome man, and halfway through the sentence, she noticed Kenny who had a change of hairstyle~ Hahahaha!

“mermaid is a fish or a what ar? It is a FANTASY…hehe” Dr.P~
And this is Dr.P tryin to make fun of Kelv, and clarifying the meaning of Implicit Theories…. =D Kelvin actually thought that a Whale is a fish, and not a mammal =,=

“Women can satisfied themselves, men after satisfying themselves, are still not satisfied.”-Dr.P
Well, what can I say? This is the ultimate quote man! LOL! That’s telling how women can ‘form’ impressions *winks*

Sighs~ some people just dunno when to shut up… and it irritates me to heart their comments or opinions… =.=ll

Double sighs~ I lose my internet connection because dad 4got my bill =,= ; so now, I have to go home to my house that does not have an internet connection. Sad isn’t it?


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Birthday Dinner with granny~

I would not say I’m the best grandchild that any grandparents could have~ coz seriously, I’m Not.

I would try to be, but TRYING is not the best~ doing, is the best…and truthfully, I’m not ‘doing’ and I guess, I’m not even trying hard enough.

My aunt and uncle have chosen today to celebrate my granny’s birthday because, well, her birthday falls on a weekday.

I wasn’t very happy during the dinner (heck! It was before the dinner even started), it’s not like I’m emotional or something; but when people keep doing shyt to you.
Obviously you’ll get tired of it someday! Am I not right?

So anyways~ yeap! Was in a total annoyed state, and people have to go on saying words that is meant to be ‘heard’ – well, sentence structure that they used consists of double meanings~

And well, the hidden meaning of it wasn’t something that I like to hear – and that pisses me off further!

Btw, we had vegetarian food in IMBI… didn’t like the dishes one bit (then again it could be because I was pissed and annoyed with situations)

Gah! Blogging about it makes me mad all over again! Grrr~ anyways, me took some nice pics (well,in my opinion kinda nice)
Sharing it with you guys, and hope u like it =D

Toodles for now~

Oh yeah~ I was so damn pissed that the only pic that I took was of the soup =,=ll


Friday, April 02, 2010

A threat?

*drools* i know it's inappropriate to start of my post with a drool~ but who cares?! it's KUROSHITSUJI SEASON II~yo! check out the trailer~ (credits to Yuki because her blogpost alert me =D) the new butler~ *drools sumore*

Anyhow~ 2day me have me replacement class for social psychology! *pouts*
it's a freaking friday! i'm not suppose to have class~ but nehows, 2day's class was relaxing and fun~Dr.P is awesoooome~ =D

camwhored a bit in the psych lab today ..hehe..

Charis, ME, and awesome-ness

Christine trying get back her own chair by pushing awesome-ness, and she still manage to look good~

Our chaotic class when Dr.P went out to get marker =p

I juz realized how bad signal is at the psychology department for DiGi users~ gah! i din even have 1 bar of my sms-ed me, and called..and din get through...! thank god he called my 012 no. he was worried that something happened to me, so he called the other number to check~ so sweet of him ite? i wonder what would he have done if my 012 line has no signal as well~ hmmm....*ponders* neways! ♥ u bwy~

After class, we had 30 minutes break for lunch before my social psych group have to meet up for discussion~ guess what? kelv is missing, and pooja went to PYRAMID for lunch!!!

anyways, funny quote of the day
"I will grind his groin until he literally becomes a girl" (Kheu,2010)
FUNNY ite?! LOL~

neways~ toodles!