Thursday, March 18, 2010

'why is it not a 5-star hotel' List

As promised, below is the list prepared by Jackson (my darling)~ have fun reading ;-)

According to hotel staff: “Y it's not a 5 star hotel”-
  1. Lack of gym facilities
  2. No swimming pool; “In this weather, who would want a swimming pool?” (La De Fern Hotel Staff , 2010)
  3. Some other things that I might have not heard.
Here’s MY list – Jackson’s 30 check point why La-De-Fern is not a 5 star hotel.

1) Lack of gym facilities
2) No Swimming pool
3) No Spa
4) Bad Number in Chinese-Skip (explanation: this no shall be left with no xcuse as it is a bad number in Chinese =p)
5) Room has no air-conditioning
6) Room’s mini-bar has no chocolates or snacks whatsoever.
7) Very basic toiletries
8) No complementary hotel slippers (Genting’s 4 star hotel has them *wink wink*)
9) TV has limited channels (Kudos on the nice flat screen TV though)
10) Hotel seems to be accommodated and served by the one lift only.
11) Room service food menu has typo; “Mushroom soup prepared by chep; who the f*** is chep?)
12) Managerial looking guy’s accomplice said the next day will be fully booked; my car could have drifted in their parking lot with ease, if my car can drift that is.
13) Room drawer contains no Bible
13b) Hotel staff mumbled something about non-existence scones during breakfast buffet.
15) According to 5 star perquisite list; room has no CD/DVD facilities
16) Limited morning breakfast buffet offerings
17) Room service is not 24 hours; (7:00am - 10:30pm)
18) The hotel website claimed that their rooms’ amenity includes a fully stocked mini-bar; fully stocked with 2 bottles of mineral of water it seems.
19) Baggage assistance cum valet staff is for show only.
20) Sound proofing wasn’t really that good.
21) No fan in the room; it’s not that cold in the night.
22) Bed sheets weren’t washed properly, there were stains!
23) Coffee making facilities in a quad-room only has 2 cups, 2 spoons, supplied with sufficient ingredients to make 2 cups of coffee, and 2 cups of tea.
24) After paying upfront, no confirmation documents were issued; given only AFTER checkout.
25) Hotel staffs were a bit pushy, kind of like MLM sales representative.
26) No indicator of whether the tap water is safe for consumption.
27) Hotel breakfast buffet seems to lack basic drinking water and jam for the pancakes.
28) Certain 5 star hotel prerequisites also lists a gift shop… but I guess the room painting counts as gifts.
29) Room lights were alright; however, adjustable brightness levels should be implemented.
30) The master key doesn’t open certain rooms; for a NEW hotel, with top notch facilities, this is a bit worrisome; random scenario: your baby is in the room, and you accidentally went out of the room leaving the key IN the room. Master key doesn’t open the room. Baby is cute.

BTW, the manager looking guy in charge claimed that they offer the “best steamboat in town, with the best price; really”. When asked how much, it is an ‘affordable’ RM30, using the ‘freshest’ vegetables. Yup, I totally believed him!



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