Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What customer service?

What is customer service???

Well, according to Wikipedia, Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. (Scott,2002) and one of the definition by "Customer Service is a phrase that is used to describe the process of taking care of our customers in a positive manner"

and guess what? 2 banks that i came to know off, doesn't provide me with the 'customer service' that i feel i should deserve!and yes, i'm very frustrated and annoyed over that fact...

Head on over to Charis's blog to read about our 'adventure' in a bank near our college that starts with a CAPITAL C!

OMG~ i was bout to kill on that day. Even the teller/officer behind the counter is not so friendly. It's freaking early in d morning, and the least you could do is smile to your customer despite the age/occupation/status! *gah!*

Anyways, some notice on their board caught Charis's eye..guess what?

In case you can't see it... it reads

" Notice
All cash deposits must me made through tellers or cash deposit machines (If available)"

ME MADE?! wth is that? u tell me?
besides are there any other way to deposit cash? pls enlighten me, because i only know this two methods..

And today....i called a certain bank starting with the CAPITAL "P"
called the toll free line to inquire about shyt!
so i spoke to the officer and told him the scenario,the person told me to call the main branch - they would be able to help me...and he supplied me with a number....
so i was still feeling fine.
and so i thank him.

called the so-called main branch, and ask to spoke to the SAVINGS OFFICER...
the 'director of 1st impression' (if u don't understand this refer to this post) passed the line to a 'god-knows who', so i repeated my 'problem' to him....he put me on hold, and i was then again passed to another person in which i have to repeat the whole stupid story again. Then the fella say i have to call the branch where i had my acct, and speak to the officer there and not she gave me another number....

FINE! i call~

director of 1st impression: P*Bank good afternoon.
Me: Hi, can i speak to your savings officer?
director of 1st impression: please hold on.
Me: thanks.
*waits for 323538223645630 mins,sum1 pick up the phone and put it dwn again, and i waited for another 937458357203823529 mins - and the line went dead*

FREAKING PISSED NOW RITE?! (i bet those of u who are reading, are pissed liao)


another director of 1st impression: P*Bank good afternoon.
Me: i called earlier to speak to a savings officer, ur colleague put me on hold until MY line cut off!.
another director of 1st impression: er...savings officer is it?
another director of 1st impression: hold on please.

*on hold for another 93732562365236529356295min* and finally some dingbat pick up the phone!

officer: hello?
Me: Hi, is this the saving officer?
Officer: on leave lar -or something along those lines-
Me: who can i speak to regarding saving account?
Officer: wat is it about?
Me: - repeat the whole story again-

**and i decided to censor the rest of the convo as it is P&C**

Now u tell me! what customer service?

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