Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweet Caroline~ pa pa pa~

Charis is about to kill me, because i've been humming this beautiful tune (and singing some parts) throughout the time she's with me. And when i have the chance, i'll play the idea why, but i'm so addicted to this song suddenly!

It's so sweet!

Aliza suggested that i change my name to Caroline, so that baby could sing it to me
den i said
"he can change the song to suit me wat, it's all about creativeness. He could use "Sweet Jas-lyn' or "sweet Kar Yee"

Lol ite? :p's the clip~ enjoy ^^

credits to Rattus93

Oh peeps~ if u have TWEETER ...follow us! =) namely the 3 blind mice :p
Aliza, Charis and me~
you'll have a blast 'following' us :D

not me .:love:. U


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