Thursday, March 04, 2010

sleep is ♥

After much of this

I at last have some of this

peaceful sleep~

And yes, that is pretty much how i look like when i study =( Today, i woke up extremely late, and proud of it...afta how many 38278947574 days and months of not being able to have a good night rest =D and yes, i know i'm exaggerating =p

So anyways, i'm feeling great~ LOL~ free time~! but anyhow i have this feeling that i'm failing! *cries*

Went to Leo's today in Plaza OUG, one of the staff seriously provided great service, mom was really happy about it. She was talking about him to me as we were leaving the restaurant...and mom is rarely the type of person to praise =D

Oh oh oh~ remember pics that i promised yesterday?! Tadaa~ went to get baby's new lens done when we went on our date, den ...hehehe ...i sneak pics~! :D

and i took more opportunity to snap pics, wen baby ish half blind :p

baby without eye so small!

this is baby insisting that his eye is big enough :)
LOL~ he look so sa gua ish...but me ♥vy :D

Anyways~ I still have a selection for my solo audition! gah~ jess and i are thinking about going solo. Unfortunately we don't listen to solo singers much!



Charis said...

Wow, not bad...while studying u still can self-cam...

Jaslyn Miki said...

LOL~ sure sure!
bored isn't it? study study...go crazy lor =(