Saturday, March 27, 2010

Qing Ming [清明节] - my yearly tradition

Those who wants to have a brief idea of what i'm goin to be crapping about before reading on, please visit Wikipedia - Qing Ming Festival

Started of seriously early, k?
I woke up at 6+ and panicked, because i thought that it is a weekday and i'm late for class and all (see how classes drive me nuts?), den i calmed down and remember that today ish Saturday, and i have a long day i went back to sleep to get abit more wink~ =(

So anyways, went to 3 diff places today for the ancestor paying respect thingy...1st stop was Sau Seng Lum (SSL) in P.J, den was Nilai memorial park, and the third 1 was a temple in Salak South - sounds tiring ite?

Here are some pics of the day~

Preparations before leaving the house


Bro and i walk under the hot sun to get things that the adults 4got =,=

=) nothing is complete without a lil camwhoring :p

Oh~ my dad got his blackberry! and he allowed me to play with it the entire day! and wat was i doing? TWITTER~ :p *twit twit*...and caught it the act =p (guys! get twitter~ so i can tweet with u all! )

And i did not have my coffee fix in the morning, and dad was so nice to drop me in a 100yen shop so that i could buy coffee!

Thanks to this ice cream man, i didn't melt with the heat =p

this heat i mean,

Afta dat, we had to send Khai to Tmn Megah~ coz he has badminton practice....

check this weather out

Gah~ day ended with us eating in Fatty Crab restaurant in taman megah =p

I'm not typing much because of...

it mite be small~ but it's painful ok~
I'm a princess, and that gives me an excuse to not be long-winded on my posts :p

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