Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

Is it me? Or is the weather nowadays just burn your skin? (even with the heat and all, I’m not losing any weight *sighs*)

I’m serious, that is what I really feel. Last time, I use to go everywhere with a sweater in my bag, and I’m constantly feeling chills.

BUT now?

Even in an air-conditioned room, and 16 degree Celsius I still feel the heat! Is that a nightmare or what?

One thing good about this weather *smiles*, is that when I go to gym… I sweat more!
Even though it doesn’t mean that I’m burning more fats – I feel nice about the sweat.


Mainly because it make me feel like I’ve accomplished something… well, the main goal of going to the gym – is to ‘work out some sweat’. So sweating A LOT after a gym workout makes me feel that I’ve reach my goal.

Laugh all you want, but remember I’m a person that lives in my own happy world – and as long as I’m happy about what I’m doing, it’s all that matters =D

But there’s a bad side to this….remember how we all avoid sweaty people, because they look dirty, and they smell? ( remember the body odour post?) Yeah~ so how to overcome it?

Drumrolls please~ *druuuuuuuuuuuuuuumroll*

Seriously, you’ll smell all nice *winks* (I’m using the gal’s version –but same same lar~)

Oh oh oh~ and u know what?

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