Monday, March 22, 2010

A new start in psychology *winks*

Aaa~ a new semester begin today, and i hope it's once again a fun-filled, crazy, and meaningful semester...

guess how Aliza and I started out our morning...toilet trip..and this is what greeted us?!

Take a closer look!

I will not fall because the floor is wet!
I will fall because it's early in the morning and i can't see the freaking broom sticks, and i'll trip and fall!

Anyway..that's not the point..the point was i am in need of the toilet, and this is how they treat me! *poutssss*

SO anyways, this semester I'll have 4 subjects, and there are?

  1. Developmental Psychology
  2. Social Psychology
  3. Organisational Psychology
  4. Community Mental Health

and I only have two lecturers this sem =) so 2 subjects for 1 lecturer :D

1st period today is Dev.Psych with Ms.E, and she's funny..this is what happen during attendance taking :p

Ms.E:Aun Ali?
Students:Not here yet.
Ms.E:Male or female?

Ms.E:Lee Zi Heng
Archu:Kelvin.Not here yet.
Ms.E:this 1 male lar ho.
**note both of them were late, and not present during attendance taking :p

and Social Psych is taught by Dr.P, and she's more hilarious...

Dr.P : what about you.
Me: I'm Kar Yee
Kelvin: KarKee!
Me: It's kar yee *turns to Kelv* shut up...
Dr.P: ur name is karyeeshutup?! @,@
Me: =,='s just kar yee, shut up was meant for kelvin
Dr.P: curry?!
*whole class laughed!*
Dr.P: i'm sorry, kaaryee, it's hard for me
Me: it's ok , u can call me jaslyn.
Aun: or Miiki ( i swear everytime he uses that name,he sound like he's calling some puppy..and i'm not)
Dr.P: Jess.

Haihz~ y is it so hard to pronounce my name?

another scenario...Kelv's turn to intro

Kelv: my name is kelv, not so complicated like ayesha, aliza, and alyssa, or karyeeshutup and kailee...
Nat: y so troublesome *something along those line* juz say 'hi, i'm kelvin, and i'm transexual, no need so troublesome .."

everyone juz LOL-ed hard at kelv...deserve it for making fun of me =p

and me has lunchies with baby, charis and gave me this!

it's a packet of sweets from Japan, his coursemate gave to him :p
and it's with me now..buahahahah~!
Me will try, and let u guys know...heheh

thanks bwy, ♥ u~!


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