Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Negeri Sembilan Myvi That Made my Day

Yesh~! Finals is finally over today! I'm so happy, and tired at the same time. For consecutive of 3 days, I've slept on an average of only 2 hours a day...or maybe less :-(
obviously finals was not too good, i think i might pass for "Pets Behavioural Studies", but many of us are doubtful about 'motivation and emotion' my title has suggest~ LOL
you guys could not have guess what happened, and dang! i should have my camera on and installed at all times when i drive *sobs sobs* You see, I had to get my cousin brother from the Badminton place in Taman Megah (his badminton lesson) at 6pm. So you guys could imagine the traffic all the way's KL ...traffic? C.R.A.Z.Y

So... As usual, the jam started way before the toll (used the Kerinchi Link). According to Charis...
"the smart tag don't look too smart now"
LOL~ it's jam everywhere! and we can't move, so it really make no difference if we had TnG or SmartTag! After touch n go-ing, I slowly inched towards the correct lane, and as I was politely cutting into the lane [politely in the sense, i gave signal, and waited to see if the other driver let me in], and "I" saw the Negeri Sembilan Myvi driver...EPIC~! I was just randomly "people watching" ..we somehow had eye contact...and she....

yes! she freaking yawn without closing her mouth! I could not hold in my laughter, so i turned back to the front and to my surprise, Charis laughed with me~ she saw the girl as well! >,< style="font-style: italic;">oh-so-contented yawn'~ LOL both of us laughed for a good 5-10 minutes! you can't blame us,man! we're stuck in a traffic congestion and bored~ khai got woken up by our laughter and asked us what happen,I told him the story and I demo the look! ;-) i should be getting a Grammy Award :p and he laughed together with us =D we're just mean that way... Anyways i was trying so hard to stalk the entertaining myvi, but unfortunately she stayed in the next lane, and whenever there is a chance for her to stop next to my car, she moved as slow as a turtle's craw...and when there is a big gap that will escape my side, she'll close it =( guess she was embarrassed.

Charis came up with her 'what ifs'

"what if a cute guy drive up next to her, and she did the exact same thing?! It'll be such a turn off. And I think she is going to be so embarrassed." (Ho,2010)

Anyways, the language school that I'm attending now... ICLS is organizing a...
should I join?! I'm still thinking...Jess asked me to team with her...but knowing me...stage fright and shy..sighs.. Group? solo? the same...think i should try solo too?

oh oh oh~ anyways the competition is open to can attend for the sake of laughing at the participants, or be a participant yourself. But there is a dateline, and an audition yeah...more details Here in ICLS official website

for now....toodles~


P/S: I would be helping one of my lecturer tomorrow morning for a study! yay~ it's a survey kinda thingy...wonder if it will be fun =D


picture credit : here


Charis said...

You spell pass wrongly... you wrote 'past'

Charis said...

You should seriously consider solo!!! remember, 'group-no video, its only applicable to solo' take it or leave it!!!

Jaslyn Miki said...

Opps~ my bad! LOL~ afta exam isn't it? brain also mild funtion...explains the spelling error :p