Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love the world, Love Sloggi

What I love most about the World?
The beauty that it has to offer of course, without a doubt it's the Beauty of Nature, the colorful life that it has to offer, the calmness and peacefulness the World has to offer, and most importantly friendship,love, smiles, and laughter...

"a picture is worth a thousand words"
There are no words in this world that could describe all that i love in the world, i shall let some of the pics I like give u some idea of what it is like...

The Beauty of Sunrise, that gives life and hope everyday

With Sunrise, comes the warmth of the sun
- the feel of Nature's warmth

The Blue Blue Sky and White fluffy clouds that gives peace and bring imagination

The colors that the World has to offer, pink the color of L.O.V.E ♥

and green, the color of H.O.P.E~

Colorful things
that attracts attention

Above all the beauty that Nature has to offer, Friendship, Family, Love, and Smile and Laughter~

My High School buddies~ keep in touch with em until now, and i love them like they are a 2nd family

My Family members who love me (and vice versa :p)

My Baby who loves me, and treat me like a princess~

Last but not least, the smiles, laughter, and happiness
picture taken from this blog

So what does all those gotta do with Sloggi?

Here's the answer~

Sloggi's new Spring 2010 collection that is inspired to be ecologically-friendly, and comfortable enough for daily wear *winks*
isn't this great or what?

What are the lingerie made out of?
"90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) 10% Elastane"

FYI, Elastane is a synthetic fibre, u can read about it in wikipedia

best part, it's available in various sizes, so go on over to your nearest stores to check em out... or you can check them out in Sloggi's Official Website

so why do i love Sloggi? easy, because i love the world!
Sloggi offers lingerie that is nature friendly, colorful, and comfortable~

Now isn't that 'killing two birds with one stone'? Saving the environment, and having a comfortable and perfect fit~

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