Monday, March 08, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Imagine this…

“Your day has started out bad; woke up on the wrong side of the bed (not to mention late for class), and when you are heading out – there is a HEAVY traffic! *cursing under your breath* Car are cutting into your lane, an accident has happened and everyone is stopping to see what has happen – slows down traffic even more! When you arrive in college, you realise that there is no parking and you are already 30 mins late for lecture; So, you parked illegally by the road side and rush into campus grounds. You enter the lecture hall with everyone looking at you, and the lecturer gave a sarcastic comment to welcome you.

You hurried to look for your friends only to realise that they did not save a space for you and that you are forced to sit with the person that everyone dislike in class….why? does B.O.D.Y.O.D.O.U.R ring a bell?

You are forced to sit next to this person who smells! Throughout a 3 hour lecture~ disaster or what? Worst part? He had a crush on you, and he is sitting real close!

2 hours passed with you almost suffocating on the odour, and you’re wondering to yourself if that person had taken a bath before class, and silently cursing your friends for giving you hell – at the same time, sending them death glares. You suddenly feel the seat shift, and you had a glance, and realise that that person is going to hold up his arms to stretch! OH NO! I AM GOING TO FAINT! As he is lifting up his arm, you heard….. “WAKE UP!”

You thank the Gods above that is just a dream! OMG~ ! Your mom wake you up as you were breaking cold sweat and wriggling in bed, and she THOUGHT you had a nightmare….if only she knew better…. You immediately made a request to your mom to buy…

In case that dream premonition do come true ;-)"

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P/S: body odour picture is from here and i apologize in advance if the story has offended anyone, as its purely a story - no hidden meaning or discrimination intended ;-)

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