Wednesday, March 03, 2010

First day after finals~ From Paris with Love ; - )

Tadaa~! Today is the first day of my very holiday, woke up early =( for college, because i signed up to help out a lecturer with her 'study'. After that, went on date-date with Baby! =D went to have lunch in A&W, My fav curly fries and root bear with float~ Yum!
and we watched

Seriously~ the movie is not bad, both of us blindly walk into the cinema knowing nuts about the show :p, but it didn't disappoint us~ thanks be for choosing the right show :D
on a scale of 5 i'll rate a 4 ~! Check it out here in imdb and Here in Wiki ;-)

After movie, we walked around abit, and baby treat me to Zen =D we bump into a lot of Sunway student today :-/ such a small world~ anyways ate cake in Zen....

Zen ish Lurve~ :p ♥

Anyways, i'm so angwy! and sad~ i wanted to enter the competition solo with the song 'Rainy Night' by Kim JunSu of DongBangShinKi, but they did not have the music. So i wanted to try 'Kizuna' by Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN....

They have none of the the songs that i want to sing! disaster~
SO i have to fish for other Jap songs now, anyone have any suggestion? do drop me a line~ for nw...

P/S: am extremely tired because of the lack of sleep this few days =(
quick shoutout to baby : ♥ u, and thanks for the fun fun date~

PP/S: i will update photos 2moro ;-) stay tune~

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