Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fancy job titles~

i have TWO vry funny lecturers this sem, and so far, their classes are enjoyable. Hopefully they don't decide to have mood swings, or i think I'll have hell...

trivia funny stuff of the day:

"it is a group work - no social loafing.
Anyone I found loafing, i'll cut u like a bread loaf"

Anyways...we just started organisational psychology today, it is also known as I/O. Guess what? we learned that by giving a initial crappy/not so interesting job a fancy name, it'll be able to raise workers' morale =,=

anyways, u can read this article if u wanna 'learn' more =p are some examples :p

  1. Barman - Beverage Dissemination Officer
  2. Shop Assistant - Customer Experience Enhancment Constultant
  3. Housewife - Domestic Technician
  4. Road Sweeper - Highway Environmental Hygienist
  5. Paper Boy - Media Distribution Officer

there are know asPolitically Correct Job Titles (click on the link to read more)

and here is more~ Pretentious Job Titles

the one that i like the best from Dr.P's slide today is...



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