Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sorry, my updates are not so up-to-date. Mainly because I'm not well =( *sadness*

Anyways, yesterday is not really a nice day *ahem*.
Yes, it's my brother's birthday, but it is also the day of my 2nd sem results *cries*

But no worries!
I passed both my subjects! An 'A' for pets, and 'C' for motivation and emotion. And yes! i'm happy that i passed =)

So yesterday we celebrated my brother's birthday, had dinner in Sushi King, Pyramid. Then the guys went to pool =)

Mom and I went to get the cake from secret recipe...

oh well, ofcourse there are pics taken, but i'll upload it 2moro. Seeming that i'm still sick now, kindly excuse my very short post =( *sadness*

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