Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebration ver.2


My Brother's birthday~! and my baby had a new hair cut :D LOL
he look cho kewt~!


We had dinner in Sushi King, and the branch in Pyramid has loads of mirror! =D and mirror is all girls' best friend *winks*

Me are wearing top that ish given by jess's mom =)

Mom and Bro

Cake that we bought

and me bro with cake =)

Baby bought his friend to play pool with me brother, and i guess they had fun playing...but i was almost bored to death =( seriously, so mom and i went to watch the bowling competition that was gin on. The players were really really good ok, they either strike or have only 1 pin left. Even with 1 pin left, they manage to hit it! geng-ness~ Khai khai was also there to celebrate KH's bday, i have no pic of him, well...mainly because he doesn't like his pic to be taken? LOL~

that's all for now...toodles~


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