Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cameron Day 2

I shall let the pics speak for itself ;-) we all know that I'm lazy

we changed to another hotel on the 2nd day, as we can't stand the spook =( A reasonable price was given to us *winks* coz we are students~ :p again, if ur interested, the link is below ;-)

the room inHotel de La Ferns

We had breakfast in Tanah Rata..the place might look 'old' but it's superb ;-)
ever heard of antique? =p

became my new fav~ it's so awesomely delicious~ *thumbs up*
best part about this restaurant is that they are the only restaurant that serves 'strawberry scone'~! Very yummy and affordable

Events of the day include Rose Garden, Strawberry Farm, and Strawberry Moments~ ;-)

These pics are taken from the STRAWBERRY FARM~ =D
the place to the parking is real steep, and this is seen near the parking

Even on the floor, u can see Strawberries :D

=D all of us were being like small kids's really fun!
me and baby

Charis and Aliza

This is the yummy looking strawberries that we can a price *winks*

This is Charis looking curios...

This is Charis being possessive...understand the difference now? =p (pls dun kill me, charis)

This is Aliza trying to eat strawberries, and Baby trying to 'help' =p

Rose Garden!!! Nice place~

This is Aliza tryin to prove that there is 'someone' taller than her =,=ll

The 3 monkeys...2 versions =p

Yay~! Yummy food in "Strawberry Moments"

Strawberry coffee~ Mine!!! and baby's ofcourse. Aliza also ordered the same thingy =) and it's super-D-delicious *grins*

Chicken Nuggets~ Yummy and Crispy, nice on a cold in Cameron is superb

Tiramisu Mousse~ Yummy! as yummy as Tiramisu Cake...


P/S: i have to many pics! will update more soon...head over to Charis's blog if u guys want to read more or see more pics =)
Btw, up next would be "Y it's not a 5 star hotel" *winkies*



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