Monday, March 15, 2010

Cameron Day 1

As promise, here's the Cameron updates :-)

11th March, 2010

Yay! 2nd sem holiday trip =D
Previously was Genting, this time? C-A-M-E-R-O-N H-I-G-H-L-A-N-D-!
We arrive at almost 3 in the afternoon, and way pass check-in time, but since it's not peak season our room were still available *grins* well~! It's not my fault, i tried to call em, but i think people there has a habit of not answering their phone calls for some reason...

So we stayed in Bala's Holiday Chalet

this is Bala's house; the owner's house and their garden... it's located on the same ground as our hotel rooms, and apparently that place has a history. If you are interested to read about the place, head on over to the link above ^-^

Each room has it's own name...

and this is how our room look like =D

Baby and me in the room =D

Aliza and Charis outside the room

This is the walk way

In the day time, the place is so beautiful, and we felt at peace. But as night fall, it became creepy! We went to Tanah Rata for dinner, is a small cafe (it's deco with jap stuff) afta dat, we 'camped' in Starbucks until we're tired so that we don't have to feel so creep out! *sads* Sorry guys! i choose the wrong place for our stay =( here are some of the pics

The name of the cafe..

Japanese writing! (i know i'm sampat, dun remind me! )

and we had....*drumrolls* STEAMBOAT

and 4 of us shared 2 scones for dessert~ it's ard RM6+ for 2, and i think it's yummy~

we were like ambassadors for that restaurant man, we should be paid...wanna know why?
we sat at a table outside, and the amount of tourists who walk by..imagine! ALMOST MOST of em slow their pace to look at what were eating, and they commented like
"it looks nice", "wonder if it's nice", "shall we try?" or they just "@.@"

and here's CAMERON'S STARBUCKS! freaking nice! i want more of this in K.L

It's really cozy and nice inside, and i wished i didn't have to go back to the spooky hotel room. In the end, we went back and Starbucks close at 1am =(

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