Sunday, March 14, 2010

Audition Over and Done ;-)

It was a great experience, and I'm proud to say that I did not run from it =D
Not that cowardly now, am i? *smileys*

Anyways, I realize that i keep forgetting the lyrics the day before, and was trying desperately to memorize em. And i can bet it was because I was so nervous - nothing went into my brain *cries* So i woke up at 7.30 this morning to rehearse! and duh! some improvement, but i kept confusing parts *sighs*

Went to get jess at 11, and she made me wait under the HOT SUN~! LOL~!
So anyways, we arrive Plaza Mont' Kiara at about 12?
Jess wanted to eat, as she juz woke up not long (explains the wait under hot sun *psst*)
the place has a nice ambiance, I would have ate if it's not because i'm worry that i will barf! So anyways, after lunch we proceed to the karaoke place. trust me, i felt as though my heart would jump out anytime XD

We were given a room to practice, right next to the audition room. And guess what? we have to practice in the presence of other participants, imagine the pressure! I was told that i'm the 4th participant...turns out we're in for a few surprises:

1) Practicing with strangers
2) Jess was the 1st participant, and i'm the 2nd to be auditioned @.@
3) Instead of 2 judges....there were FIVE! Wu, Ng, Lima, Go,and another other language u can come out with which is equivalent to 5! 2 of the judges were from out language center...but the other 3?? no idea who they are,man.

Anyways, they gave us beryl chocolate after we are done signing!
Hehe~ Personally, i don't think i was good - i was practically shaking, and i'm nervous as H*LL~! so yeap~!

RESULTS will be out either today or tomorrow through phonecall....omg~!
it's as bad as waiting for a call from the psychology me~!

for now...toodles~


p/s: Cameron updates coming up~!

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